Dara Avenius

Whether it’s launching a YouTube sensation, or securing an article in the country’s top tier publications such as The New York Times, Fortune, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar, and People, Fascinate Media designs, develops and delivers success in the Public Relations sphere.

From our long-lasting personal relationships with respected journalists to our ability to pivot with new media, we assure our clients they’ll be noticed. We specialize in the entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, start-ups, health & wellness, and the non-profit fields, and we also have a passion for the LGBT community; we are well connected and respected there as well.

Our work with brands, organizations and trendsetting social media stars is varied. We’ve done celebrity outreach for the political entity MoveOn.org, where we secured Alicia Keys and her #VoteLove video was shared by the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign garnering 3 million impressions, we've created 24-hour viral sensations like the You Do You "What is Sample Size?" story, and we also work closely with highly creative influencers; actors, writers, directors and producers whose work is seen on the web as well as on Comedy Central, MTV and in the theater.

The team at our full service Public Relations firm specializes in forging relationships which result in a myriad of opportunities. Our versatility is proven as we work seamlessly with clients ranging from traditional (fourth generation) fine jewelers like Jaymark to innovative new businesses like Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency (send a cake with heinous comments!). We hope you’ll connect with us!