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At Fascinate Media, we work to help you grow your business, gain new fans and followers, build your reputation, or put on spectacular events to dazzle your clients. Whether you're a small business, or new artist, or already well-established in your field, we're happy to help you move to the next step.


Communication is Mission Critical

Communication is the center of our world these days, as messages transmit rapidly online and can make or break your reputation in an instant. Your competition no longer exists just down the street, but in other towns, cities and even countries. Those who want to grow their business have no choice but to be online, on social media, responding to their clients and assuring their voice is heard.
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Fascinate Media understands the importance of a focused public relations campaign. We guide each client and develop an individualized plan to support your vision. We take the time to understand your brand's objective and develop targeted strategies. We bring you the right audience through a focus on your core communication goals.


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    Dara Avenius

Dara Avenius

After working in high end showrooms and freelance event planning, Dara made the full time leap to PR through an unusual path. Building on her degree in Creative Writing and an internship with a top level PR firm, she was able produce rapid results in the face of a would be crisis in March 2010, when a young woman went missing. Utilizing social media, she created what quickly became a viral twitter campaign and caught the attention of mainstream press, including The New York Daily News, New York Post and CNN, all within a single weekend.

Shortly after, she was recruited to join an avant garde event planning/public relations firm, creating public relations campaigns for the monthly events, which regularly garnered 300+ attendees, included nationally recognized brands as sponsors, and were covered by such publications as Time Out NY, Village Voice, Paper Mag and more.

In 2011, she was approached by several interested potential clients to found her own public relations firm, quickly working with prominent names in the entertainment and fashion business, as well as other industries. Each client is unique and no matter a client's size, she will work closely with you to ensure you get the best quality representation.